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Front end CoffeeScripter


San Francisco or remote , United States

We started Poll Everywhere over 5 years ago with Ruby on Rails and are evolving into a world of several, smaller, specialized Ruby applications. Today, with millions of presenters using our application, we're in the midst of separating our core Ruby on Rails web app into a pure JSON API and a front end that consists of several "single-page" JavaScript applications. Watch our RailsConf talk if you want the gory details on what that looks like.

You should love the architecture, workflow, and elegance of single-page JavaScript applications that talk to an API server. You use languages like CoffeeScript and hamlc because it saves you time from writing JavaScript & CSS and prevents lots of stupid errors from making it into production (you missed a comma!). You enjoy writing clear and well-tested code that other developers on the team can quickly understand and be productive.

What makes Poll Everywhere an awesome place to be a CoffeeScripter? Did you know that we ship a purpose-built web browser within PowerPoint and Keynote that is programmable by JavaScript? Think of it as Cordova for presentation applications that has native hooks into presentation software, like start/stop presentation, and next/previous slide. Now imagine all of the crazy apps there are to be built that change the way people think of presentations? We also have some nifty Backbone.js integrations with firehose.io, our home grown realtime web framework.

Are we the right match? Maybe so if some of the buzzwords on your resume include:

  • CoffeeScript (or you're awesome with plain ol' JS and want to learn CoffeeScript)
  • Backbone.js (or other js MVC frameworks) or experience incrementally migrating from MVC to frameworks like ReactJS
  • Deep understanding of the JavaScript prototype chain
  • Test-driven development experience
  • sass/haml/less
  • Cross-browser testing (like dealing with IE8+, grrr)

Did we mention that you should care deeply about usability? Don't worry about amazing asthetics (we don't expect for you to be an amazing designer), but you should know the difference between a good and a bad user interface.

Tell us more about

  • Side projects. OSS scripts or tools.
  • Involvement in the community through meetups, projects, essays, etc.
  • Fun, interesting, or crazy programming or scripting languages you've played around with.
  • Art, music, games, literature, or anything that fascinates you. We love passionate people.

We don't care about

  • Every technology you've used since you touched a keyboard (like your former life’s experience with DOA web services, IPX/SPX, Sonet/ATM networking experience, token ring, Banyan Vines, or LANtastic manager experience).
  • Verbose resumes (shorter is better).  


  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options negotiable
  • Health and 401K benefits available

Application Process

Keep applications brief; we want small resumes with relevant experience. Be prepared to defend any laundry lists of skills. Short but super-personalized cover letters are welcome.

Good luck!